Landscaping Your Garden Ideas

Top Tips for Landscaping Your Garden. written by: murogi

Landscaping your garden is one of the most satisfying things you can do. It often transforms a tired and uncared part of your house to an inspiring addition to your property that you can enjoy and share with others who are happy to spend time in your creation. Gardening can than also change from being a chore to a pleasure once you feel there is structure and purpose to everything you do, and you can see how elements such as weeding, planting and nurturing all bring something new to the overall design.

The key to a successful landscaping is to have a design, and a plan of how to bring that design to life. The key to good landscaping design is working within the limits of what you have in terms of space, budget and ability. Five top tips for doing this are:

Be Aware of the Space You Have. While this may seem to be stating the obvious, it’s surprising how many people forget this basic principle. If your garden is large, then you can plan with trees and wider vistas in mind. If you’re working with the back yard of a terrace house, then all the elements must be reflect that smaller space.

Plan for Height. Don’t just think of your garden as a flat piece of land, think of it as a box extending in to the sky. Plan to fill your views while you’re looking straight out, as well as looking down at the ground, and keep in mind what will work well at that level. This would include trees, shrubs, planters and hanging baskets.

Plan for all Seasons. Think about how you want the garden to look during each season, and then design accordingly. It’s great to have a riot of color and foliage in the spring and summer, but what will the garden look like during the colder seasons?

Remember Architectural Features. Make features such as statues, decking, paths, seating and water features key parts of your design right from the outset. They will work far better if they are part of the overall design that complements your planting, rather than items you add almost as an afterthought.

Understand the way light and water flows in your garden. This point is often overlooked, but is in fact crucial to successful landscaping. Before you even start work on the garden, spend some time observing how the light and shadows move over the space throughout the day. Also watch the rain. Is there a prevailing wind that drives the rain mainly in one direction? Are there drier areas due to fencing or buildings? Once the water is on the ground, are there areas where water collects, due to slopes or features like pathways that alter the way the water drains? A good understanding of how water and light work in your garden can affect your choices with plants and where they should go, as well as the placement of features.

Landscaping is as simple or complex as you want to make it, but however grand your design, following these basic tips will get your plan off to a good start. Click here for know more about our sponsors

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